Best Nursing School in France for International Students 2024

Best Nursing School in France for International Students 2024: The tables below are the top list of universities in France for Nursing and health according to global & local university rankings. These rankings can help you to see which French universities are among the top universities in the world and can help you to compare institutions on a global level. Each university ranking system has its own methodology, and different factors have a greater or lesser impact on a university’s ranking.

France is the best country for finding good universities and getting scientific degrees not just for nursing but for many different fields. Here are the reasons why France ranks first among international students. France offers a wide range of high-quality nursing schools, making it an ideal country to study nursing. These schools train nurses for public and private jobs, and many of them offer study-abroad opportunities. If you’re thinking about studying nursing, it’s important to do your research to find the right nursing school for you and your interests. Here are some best nursing universities you can attend in France.

University Paris-Saclay

Nursing courses are offered by the University Paris Saclay, located in the French city of Paris. International students pursuing their nursing studies at this institution are eligible to receive the most highly qualified degree available in the area.

Université par-saclay consists of ten component faculties and institutions. It is cutting edge, with a focus mainly on science but also on the training of people and social sciences.

It operates on a protected and classified natural site, near Paris and at the centre of a dynamic eco-system.

Aix-Marseille University

Aix-Marseille University is widely recognized as the largest French-language university in the world, both in France and globally. The university’s Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (SMPM) is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality of education through training, research and care. The university has been at the forefront of public health education in France, and its nursing program has been subject to numerous modifications and curriculum updates to accommodate the needs of its students while maintaining its high standards of education. Nurses with three years of practice in the field are eligible to enroll in the nursing school of this university in France and receive a State Diploma in Advanced Practice.

Aix-Marie University has established international mobility and international student accommodation as a core component of its policy. As a result, it has established a distinctive scholarship programme for international students studying all courses including Nursing.

Sorbonne University

The University of Sorbonne, one of the leading nursing schools in France, has a multidisciplinary curriculum that covers a wide range of medical fields, from oncology and nephrology to psychiatry and many more. This strong medical field has enabled the university to issue State Diplomas of Advanced Practice Nursing that are only granted to highly-ranked medical institutions. The Faculty of Medicine works in partnership with the University Hospital Group to promote healthcare issues, from laboratory research to patient care, and to train future physicians and medical professionals. The University also provides grants and financial aid to students.

University De Paris

Universite de Paris is a state-run university located in Paris, offering a wide range of courses at competitive prices, making it one of the most sought-after nursing schools in the country. The majority of courses offered in the university are related to public health, which is also eligible for the Nursing Exam, as long as the student has completed their degree. Universite Paris Cité serves as a showcase for the city’s youth and knowledge, recognizing its place in the global metropolis. The objective of Université Paris Cité is to facilitate access for international students wishing to pursue their studies at the master’s level and those conducting research at the doctoral level. The university offers a variety of scholarship programmes, the eligibility criteria and requirements for each of which may vary depending on the individual circumstances.


France is a highly esteemed European country for nursing studies. It is renowned for its numerous medical universities, which are among the most prestigious in the world.

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