Canada $20,000 UBC Public Scholar Awards 2024/2025 for International Students

Canada $20,000 UBC Public Scholar Awards 2024: The UBC Public Scholars Award is the most sought-after scholarship that allows talented international students to study on a fully funded basis in Canada.

UBC’s award is part of the university’s public scholars initiative (PSI), which seeks to expand and strengthen relationships, community, and skills for doctoral students who want to explicitly connect their doctoral work to a public benefit arena and integrate wider and more career-oriented scholarship forms into their doctoral education journey.

This fund is designed to promote a broadened vision of doctoral education, where students’ work transcends academia and traditional disciplinary boundaries. Additionally, it can provide experience in the types of scholarships and environments in which students may participate after graduation.

The scholarship in Canada for UBC international students is both career-oriented and community service-oriented. The students in this award are expected to contribute their final works to their communities as well. Every year, between 30 and 35 students have the opportunity to study at the best university in the world, which would not be possible without the BSCI.

Eligibility for Canada UBC Public Scholar Awards

Here are the eligibility to meet in order to apply for Canada UBC scholar awards:

  • UBC Vancouver Doctoral Students in Years 1-5 (PhD/EdD/DMA, including part-time Ph.D. students) and; University of British Columbia Doctoral Students (years 1-5)
  • Applicants must have completed at least 48 months of doctoral studies by 31 August 2023.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at UBC from 1 September 2023.
  • Applicants in their sixth year of doctoral study, which typically spans between 48 and 60 months, will be eligible for admission only in exceptional cases.

Criteria for Canada UBC Public Scholar Awards

  • The student’s prior academic achievements and future prospects will be taken into consideration. The student’s level of interest and achievements will also be taken into consideration, as will the student’s compatibility with the proposed assignment.
  • The purpose of the project is to promote and facilitate a broader understanding of doctoral education, which is in line with the Public Sector Interest (PSI) objectives.
  • The need for alternative sources of financing has become increasingly urgent.
  • The scope of the initiative across multiple disciplines will also be taken into account.

How to Apply for Canada UBC Public Scholar Awards

In order to submit an application for the PSI Fellowship, please download the two files listed below (under ‘Further Information’). These files include the Application form, which is limited to 4000 characters and one page. Once the form has been downloaded, it can be edited and saved, and the name of the form can be changed to the name of the application.

The Application form must be completed in accordance with the guidelines. Additionally, the Overview section of the form must be read carefully before proceeding, in order to ensure the correct submission of the application. Once all the necessary documents have been uploaded, the application form and Canadian Common CV can be uploaded as a single PDF file.

Benefit for Canada UBC Public Scholar Awards

Benefits of the University of British Columbia’s scholar awards:

Administration that is responsive, consistent, and fair; a stimulating intellectual and social atmosphere that elevates graduate education based on the principles of excellence and respect; excellent service with programs and activities for graduate, postdoctoral, and faculty students; and excellent professional development opportunities that expand career prospects and motivate graduates and postdoctoral fellows to make a positive contribution to the civil and sustainable world.

Note: The program offers a variety of study fields suitable for doctoral programs, as well as numerous advantages and benefits. The application process is conducted online.

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